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Play JILI GOLD RUSH on Jili178 - Jili Casino Game Rules

Gold Rush Slot Machine is a classic slot machine from JILI. You can enjoy explosive action as you mine for real money prizes in the Gold Rush slot machine by Esball Eu. Tunneling for gold can be hard work with the medium-high volatility. So, forget the pickax and head straight for the dynamite, where your labor is well-rewarded.

Game Rules

  • According to the bingo setting , getting 3 identical symbols from left to right earns you the prize.

  • Odds Bingo :

  • All winning Points = (odds x your bets)/50

  • If the result of a game cannot be decided due to any errors, that game doesn't count.

Free Game

Bonus Game

Extra Bet

Special Symbol


Play "Gold Rush" now on Jili178!

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