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Play JILI CAISHEN on Jili178 - JILI Casino Game Rules

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Try the best slot game that gives big wins!

Getting WILD always expands into an entire line, and getting WILD comes with a multiplier that ups your reward. Want to get a big win? Try Jili Caishen now and start your journey to many wins.

Game Rules

1. Starting from the left, you have to get consecutive symbols from left to right to score a prize.

2. Basic Bet Winning = Bet X Odds.

3. Extra Bet Winning = Basic Bet X Odds.

4. There are a total of 9 pay lines.

5. This only pays the highest amount of each line.

6. When a game cannot be determined due to any errors, that game doesn't count!


  1. This can replace any other symbols.

  2. It only appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel.

  3. When this appears, it's always an " entire line " with a random multiplier.

  4. The WILD multiplier is random: X1, X2, X3, X5, or X10.

  5. One WILD only has one multiplier. When there are multiplie lines of WILDs, the multiplier " stacks ".

  6. After a round with WILDs tallies its winning, you always get to re-spin one round for free!

  7. After re-spinning, if there is a new WILD , you can re-spin one round for free again!

  8. Even if there are multiple WILDs in a round, you won't get more free re-spin rounds.

Extra Bet

  1. Click OFF→ON to open the " Selection screen ".

  2. You can pick from two options to play the game.

  3. Option #1: Place a 5 x bet and you always get at least 1 line of "WILD" or more.

  4. Option #2: Place a 50 x bet and you always get at least 2 line of "WILD" or more.

  5. You may only select an option. Once selected, click "Confirm" to enable that option.

  6. Extra Bet Winning = Basic Bet x Odds!

  7. Extra bet has a basic bet different from that of a standard bet.

  8. Click your extra bet's ON→OFF to disable the extra bet.

Pay Table

Play "Jili Caishen" now on Jili178!

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