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JILI Fishing Games Makes a Splash Globally with 7 Simple Tips for Easy Gameplay


JILI Fishing Games offer straightforward gameplay, but it's important to avoid reckless shooting to prevent unnecessary losses. To increase your chances of winning the online fishing jackpot, JILI178 Casino has carefully researched and taken into account feedback from successful players. Popular games like Jackpot Fishing, Mega Fishing, and Bombing Fishing are highlighted below, along with their recommended techniques and skills.

How to Play JILI Fishing Games: 7 Simple Tips to Play with Ease

  1. Set a clear budget before starting the game, and avoid playing beyond a specified loss limit. Avoid being overly greedy, even when winning. Stay composed, even in the event of a loss.

  2. Exercise caution when using the automatic shooting system, as it shoots continuously, consuming numerous bullets without guaranteeing specific rewards.

  3. Analyze the odds of each fish carefully to plan your bullet investments wisely.

  4. Option for games that offer a higher chance of catching fish in larger areas.

  5. Prioritize shooting small fish initially to accumulate points, enabling you to target higher bonus fish later.

  6. Avoid shooting fish that disappear quickly from the screen, as they may have been shot by other players and might not yield system bonuses.

  7. Wager amounts that align with your budget, and select guns and bullets accordingly. Avoid fixating on acquiring powerful weapons intentionally.

JILI178 presents the top three globally popular fishing games, renowned for their high odds and excellent graphics and sound effects, in the online JILI Fishing Games. Explore more about these games below.

The Top 3 Famous JILI Fishing Games


Jackpot Fishing

Experience the thrill of Jackpot Fishing, a popular JILI game. Dive into the depths of the ocean and take aim at 27 different fish species, armed with powerful weapons like electrical guns. Exciting super prizes await you! As you accumulate points, you'll have a chance to unlock the Treasure Box and receive a whopping 888 times the prize money. With a wide range of fish species, each offering their own prizes, targets, and rewards, you can quickly amass wealth. Keep an eye out for high odds species that can appear at any time, with a chance of earning random 5x multipliers upon capture. Choose between the Millionaire Room and Millionaire Room VIP for your overnight riches!


Mega Fishing

Mega Fishing, an exciting online fish shooting game by JILI Gaming, offers numerous advantages and features similar to Jackpot Fishing. Encounter the Mega Octopus, which brings a golden lucky wheel with the potential to win massive prizes! Enjoy additional features and effects while taking down unique fish, including explosive bomb crabs. Join in the fun and experience it for yourself. Claim your free download now.

Introducing the arrival of the colossal Deep Sea Giant Squid. Take aim at the special Mega Octopus for a chance to win big with its 950X multiplier. Unleash the lucky wheel and unlock the path to becoming a millionaire. Enjoy stunning visuals in this captivating fish shooting game. Chase and conquer the lord of the sea effortlessly, while winning incredible prizes.


Bombing Fishing

Introducing Bombing Fishing, a unique and refreshing game with its own distinct style and features. Embracing a lively and vibrant cartoon aesthetic, this game stands out from the rest. With top prize odds reaching up to 1200 times, you have three room options based on your betting amount:

  • Happy Room: Bets ranging from 0.1 to 10 pesos.

  • Dragon Room: Bets ranging from 1 to 80 pesos.

  • Millionaire Room: Bets ranging from 10 to 100 pesos.


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