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How to win real money in the slot games?

Sharing from our members

How to win the real money in the slot games?

1. First of all, use one small bet as basic foundation(ex 6p/bet)

2.If you win at the begining, and keep going by same amount.

3. Or you did not win, increade one level(ex, 6p/bet to 9p/bet) to bet the game

4.When the bet amount reaches the 30% of your basic bet. Then return to the basic bet, and start a new around.

5.If you win a big prize, and add more bet to earn the possibilty.

6.About the betting tempo, PLS remember do NOT be too fast, one bet to next one must be 1.5 secends.

The biggest trick of playing slot machines is By losing at the smallest bet amount and winning at the largest bet amount. Through the above method can be used to achieve a high probability.

Normally, the big prizes will come together in the short period, after that in a short period of time the game may not show the prizes. Therefore, Changing games has a chance to reduce your losses.

CRAZY BONUS 200% event in JILI178 can triple your chips!!

If you want to earn some money, I strongly recommend you to get 500P and combine with 200%. You will have 1,500 credits, and then use the above method I shared to you. I think you will have a high chance to win!!

If you want to win a million pesos like me. Here is my suggestion, first you to deposit 2,500P and apply the 200% promotion. So you will have total 7,500 credits. Then use the above magic method I shared, and play with the first-line slot machine games. Hope you increase the winning chance and create the miracle.

If you want to increase your winning chance, I'm going to recommend you to choose a one-line slot machine games to play. Old players or professionals know it. Here are one-line games.

1. Super Niubi Deluxe by JDB


3. Money Coming by JILI

You ask me why do I share this with you?

Even I already win a lot Because I use the money won from playing slot machines to promote advertisements, it brings me more promotion capital.

And I already got very ample commissions in JILI178.

If my partners win money, they will also bring me more partners. I will have more credits to play slot machines and earn more. Currently my partners have reached 3,000 people, and I will continue to lead them to win more money. If you want to know more, you can go to to consult customer service.

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