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FIFA World Cup 2022 | FIFA World Cup Prediction Analysis | Group A Spotlights

FIFA World Cup 2022 FIFA World Cup Prediction Analysis Group A Spotlights The Four Topic Players That You Can’t Miss!

Once every four years, FIFA World Cup will be kick off less than 100 days.

What do you know about Group A come from the host country,Qatar this time?

You know how many the hottest players in FIFA Group A?

So this page will be focused on simple introduction for Top Players in FIFA Top 32 country,

Netherlands,Qatar,Ecuador, and Senegal.

The Host Country Qatar first kick in FIFA.

Could they have a chance to get in Top16? As first time to hold FIFA,

Qatar also go through In-competition first time this year.

This is the reason why most of people are not optimistic about them.

But Qatar actually beat Japan and got champion in 2019's AFC League,

plus there must be some home field advantages for them which is host country this time.

However it is too shame that they don't have much practical experience. Not easy to get win.

But other teams from Group A can't take it lightly. They still need to be aware of Qatar.

Qatar Top Player Intro Sebastián Soria

And one big specialty about Qatar National Football Team is they have a propotion of domestication players.

This is just an intro for Qatar's top player, Uruguayan-born,Sebastián Soria. As a Qatar's top forward,

he had many goals for them. In 2007's AFC, he's the only player who goaled for Qatar. He's the VIP in this team.

Unfortunately, he is now 38 yrs old. It's not far for retirement. Therefore,

we must to hold on this chance to see his performance in FIFA World Cup 2022 !

Plateau Killer Ecuador! Could they overcome deserted climate to be desert killer?

Many FIFA fans should be impressed by Ecuador this year!

Because they made a trouble about player nationality not long ago,

they’re accused of that their team player Byron Castillo is not Ecuadorian. Although this accusation was rejected by FIFA,

but also caused a lot of trouble.

Good Bye Ecuador! Multiple Violations,It May Cause Disqualification For FIFA World Cup 2022.

When talk about Ecuador,we think about their advantage of plateau.

Even they can’t compete with those powerhouse team,but they often win a victory

in the first battle by the virtue of 2800 meters plateau house field.

Unfortunately,Top32 in FIFA will be kick in Qatar ,which is a desert climate country.

As a consequence, it is important to fit in FIFA’s home field.

Ecuador FIFA Top Player Intro Antonio Valencia.

Although Ecuador caused an uproar about player nationality,but they still have some outstanding players.

And Antonio Valencia is the one that we should talk about.

He is remarkable winger and his running speed incredibly fast.

In 2019 Season/10 , he was a Premier League Player Of The Season.

But he’s like Sebastian Soria in Qatar,not far from retirement.

If you don’t know who he is,and you want to see his performance.

You definitely need to watch FIFA 2022.

Africa Powerhouse,Senegal,Contest With FIFA Group A,

For Second Round Qualification. As FIFA Africa powerhouse and Africa’s Top1,

Senegal. Although Laser Pointer Accident almost let their team face rematch,

but finally FIFA fined Senegal and behind closed doors one game as their penalty.

However,don’t forget Senegal is one certain degree team in FIFA.

They are the second candidate to contest with Group A,

so they are a team that can’t be ignored.

Senegal FIFA Top Player Intro Sadio Mané

Sadio Mané is the guy we often see in football page in this year!

He's the topic player who transfered to bayern in this summer.

He scored in Penalty-Shoot-Out whem faced with Egypt in 2022 FIFA(AFC).

He helped Senegal to get in FIFA2022,also selected African Footballer Of The Year this time.

Everyone is curious about what performance that he will show in FIFA2022.

New Blood In Netherlands! Any Chance To Get Rid Of Uncrowned King?

Finally we're going to introduce Netherlands National Team,

also the favored team in FIFA Top32 Group A, Netherlands'score is not too bad in FIFA .

Unfortunately, they have bad luck for winning the championship. They even got a name called Uncrowned King.

Moreover, they faced with temporal shortage of team players. Fortunately, they have new blood in 2022 FIFA.

It helps overall condition to get better , also makes us curious about their performance this year.

Netherlands New Star Intro Frankie de Jong

To be a Netherlands new star player,de Jong’s skill is extraordinary that French forward Antoine Griezmann called he is the toughest player he had ever met.

The reason why he called that is because you can’t tackle the ball on his foot easily.

De Jong was selected The Young Player Of The Year in UEFA Nations League. You can say his future is bright anyway.

Although he just finished his debut last session of FIFA,the records are not enough now.

But have a excellent new star player like him,fans revive their hopes for championship.

This is aspects and analysis for FIFA Group A Team.

If you are interested in other Group National Team,

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