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Best JILI Slot Game -Medusa

Medusa Slot Machine


Medusa, a 5-reel video slot boasting 25 paylines, originates from Nextgen Gaming, a renowned developer celebrated for its remarkable animations, seamless functionality, and captivating narratives. Within the realm of the best JILI slot games, Medusa truly embodies these expectations.

This slot, a visually striking creation by the company, adeptly captures the essence of its mythological namesake. True to the legends, Medusa embodies strength, ferocity, and formidable power, maintaining a chilling presence throughout the gameplay. Meticulously crafted and visually captivating, this slot appeals to adventurous players who relish myth-inspired video slots.

Featuring a wild symbol, scatter symbol, free spins event, multipliers, and a bonus round, Medusa offers the potential for a substantial payout, reaching up to 5,000 coins—the epitome of an enticing choice for those seeking thrilling gameplay.


Best-Jili-Slot Game-JILI178


Medusa Slot Machine Gameplay

  • To secure a win, align all winning symbols consecutively from the leftmost reel to the right.

  • Calculate Win Points for regular bets by multiplying the bet amount by the odds. For Extra Bet wins, use the formula: Base Bet multiplied by the Odds.

  • The game offers a total of 243 Ways to win.

  • Increase your chances by raising your bets, which not only enhances Symbol odds but also unlocks Scatter Win Points.

  • Note that only the highest prize on a line will be awarded, even if multiple wins occur.

  • If the specific type of free game remains undecided during free gameplay for a certain duration, it will be randomly selected for the player.

  • In case of any malfunction preventing the game result from being determined, the round will be declared invalid.


Medusa Slot Machine Step by Step

  • The default number of rounds is 6.

  • Symbols that don't connect a payline—green diamond, yellow diamond, and Medusa—will still have the opportunity to spin.

  • Green diamonds collect all winnings from red diamonds on the board as their own winnings.

  • Yellow diamonds gather all green, yellow, and red diamond wins on the board as their own.

  • When the red Medusa appears, it brings random Win Points and combines all red, green, and yellow diamonds on the board into its Win Points.

  • If multiple Symbols are present, the order of point accumulation is red Medusa first, followed by green diamond and then yellow diamond.

  • Occasionally, a free spin may appear for extra rounds.

  • When the round count reaches 0, the free game ends. All red, green, yellow diamonds, and red Medusa points are tallied to determine the total points won in that free game!

  • Upon accumulating 15 green, yellow, and red Medusa points, the free game concludes, doubling (2x) the total points won in that free game!

  • Using the extra bet extends the base round to 8 rounds and upgrades red diamonds to violet diamonds and red Medusa to gold Medusa.

  • Gold Medusa triggers an extra bonus effect 'every round'!


Medusa Slot Machine Free Game

  • Play without charge upon the appearance of 6 or more red diamonds on the grid.

  • Each instance of the red diamond brings along random Win Points. The diversity and magnitude of Win Points increase with higher bets!

  • The primary game screen will exhibit the red diamond status for the ongoing bet.

  • Two free game options are available: Step by Step or Free Spin!


Extra Bet

  • To activate Extra Bets, an additional 50% of the betting amount is required, unlocking a range of unique special effects.

  • In Extra Bet Mode, Win Points are calculated as the base bet multiplied by the odds.

  • Both free games receive an additional +2 rounds to the base count.

  • The exclusive appearance of gold Medusa, a replacement for the red Medusa, occurs solely in free games. It triggers distinct effects based on the type of free game selected.


Free Spin

  • The initial count of game rounds is 8.

  • During the free game, Q, K, A, WILD, and red diamonds won't appear.

  • Red diamond points are aggregated into "Scatter Win Points" at the game's outset and are visibly showcased on the screen.

  • There's a chance for red Medusa to emerge, rewarding the player with a "Scatter Win Point" bonus and an additional +1 round.

  • Once the round count hits 0, the free game concludes, and all payline rewards within the game are combined with "Scatter Win Points" to determine the total prize for that free game!

  • Accumulating 8 or more red Medusa instances doubles the total points won in that free game for "paylines" to 2x!

  • With the extra bet, the base game rounds extend to 10, and red Medusa transforms into gold Medusa.

  • Gold Medusa: Enhances "Scatter Win Points" by +1x in the following round!


Medusa Slot Machine Pay Table


5 X 0.4

4 X 0.2

3 X 0.1

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-10

5 X 3

4 X 1

3 X 0.5 Increase your bet to unlock

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-05

5 X 0.4

4 X 0.2

3 X 0.1

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-11

5 X 2.5

4 X 0.8

3 X 0.4

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-06

5 X 0.4

4 X 0.2

3 X 0.1

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-12

5 X 2

4 X 0.6

3 X 0.3

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-07

5 X 0.4

4 X 0.2

3 X 0.1

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-13

5 X 1.5

4 X 0.4

3 X 0.2

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-08

5 X 1

4 X 0.3

3 X 0.15

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-14

5 X 0.2

4 X 0.1

3 X 0.05

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-09

5 X 0.2

4 X 0.1

3 X 0.05

Best-JILI-Slot-Medusa Pay Table-JILI178-15

5 X 0.2

4 X 0.1

3 X 0.05


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Best-Jili-Slot-Game JILI178

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