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Best Jili Slot Game - Hawaii Beauty

Updated: May 21, 2023

Jili Slot Hawaii Beauty Slot Machine Game

Best-JIli-Slot-Hawaii Beauty-FC178-Free-Spin-Casino 02

Hawaii Beauty is an exciting online slot game created by Jili Gaming. This slot game boasts unique cartoon-style visuals, with colorful icons, green reels set in a hut, and a stunning view of a tropical beach in the background. It's worth noting that the MAX BONUS multiplier for this game is 1250X.

The Beauty Slot Machine in Hawaii consists of 5 reels and 50 paylines. The game features nine main symbols, including a pair of blue bongos, a drum, a microphone, five playing card icons in various colors, and a pink guitar. The game's background showcases a scenic beach view, while colorful icons spin in the foreground. Each reel is adorned with five playing card icons in different colors. With the inclusion of wilds, scatters, free spin rounds, and bonus games, this Hawaiian-style slot game is sure to be a hit!

Hawaii Beauty Slot Machine Game Play Line


The pay line of Hawaii Beauty Slot Game showed as below:

Best-JIli-Slot-Super Ace -FC178-Free-Spin-Casino-Payline

Where to play Jili Slot Game


Jili178 offers a free bonus without requiring a deposit for slot game enthusiasts in the Philippines.


How to play Hawaii Beauty Slot Machine Game

  • Hawaii Beauty is a video slot with 5 reels, 4 rows and 50 paylines.

  • Bet line wins are awarded if the winning symbols land on successive reels, starting from the leftmost reel and continuing to the right according to the paytable.

  • Only the highest win per line will be paid out.

  • Winnings = Pay x (Bet / 50)

  • The game round will be considered invalid in case of any malfunction that results in an undecided outcome of the game.

Hawaii Beauty Slot Machine Bonus Game

  • To activate the Bonus Game with 8 free spins in the Main Game, 5 or more Heart symbols must appear.

  • Only four symbols will appear in the bonus game, namely, Red Heart, Yellow Heart, Color Heart, and +1 SPIN.

  • The score of the Yellow Heart is the sum of the scores of every Red Heart and Yellow Heart. The rules for calculating the score are as follows:

1.The current score is the sum of all Red Heart symbols accumulated on the board.

2. The current score from all Yellow Heart symbols on the board prior to the current spin is accumulated.

  • When the Color Heart symbol appears with a random score during the bonus game, it will increase the score of all Red Heart and Yellow Heart symbols on the board by an additional amount.

  • If you land on +1 SPIN symbol, you will receive an additional free spin for the bonus game. The +1 SPIN symbol will not be carried over to the next spin and will disappear once it is activated.

  • When all reels are filled with Red Hearts, including the Yellow Heart, the player wins the Full of Rewards bonus, which awards a 2x multiplier and ends the bonus game early.

  • Heart winning points = heart's score X single line bet amount.

Hawaii Beauty Slot Machine Features

Hawaii Beauty Slot Machine Payouts


Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout01

5 X 500

4 X 160

3 X 50

WILD substitute for all symbols, except for

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout02

5 X 400

4 X 120

3 X 40

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout03

5 X 200

4 X 80

3 X 20

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout04

5 X 150

4 X 40

3 X 15

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout05

5 X 100

4 X 20

3 X 10

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout06

5 X 50

4 X 20

3 X 5

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout07

5 X 50

4 X 20

3 X 5

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout08

5 X 25

4 X 10

3 X 5

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout09

5 X 25

4 X 10

3 X 5

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Hawaii Beauty- Jili178-Payout10

5 X 25

4 X 10

3 X 5

Play Best Jili Slot Games on Jili178


Jili178 offers a wide range of online slot machine games and online casino games with high RTP (Return to Player) rates. With the convenience of Gcash, you can easily play and win real money. Sign up now and receive a no deposit bonus!

Best-Jili-Slot-Hawaii Beauty-Jili178-Free-Spin-

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