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Best JILI Slot Game - Golden Queen

Golden Queen Slot Machine Game


Golden Queen is a thrilling slot game, and it features a lively Egyptian theme with vibrant visuals that have a playful, animated style and a diverse array of colors. This is one of the best JILI slot games, and it includes reels in a striking blue hue, complemented by intricately designed pillars. Additionally, the background showcases a desert landscape adorned with two sphinxes, offering players an immersive experience.

Embark on an adventure through the pyramids and uncover valuable riches in the company of the Golden Queen. Discover three bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 to unlock the free spins round, granting 10 free spins. Earn additional free spins while in the free spins round for more chances to win.

Golden Queen Slot Machine Game Pay Line


Where to play Slot Games


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How to play Golden Queen Slot Machine Game


Golden Queen Slot Machine features 5 reels and 40 paylines. Alongside decorative playing card symbols, the game includes a cobra, pharaoh's mask, Anubis, and an Egyptian queen. The queen can expand on the reels. Three wild icons - golden, scarab, and pyramid - substitute for missing symbols. The scarab wild triggers normal wilds on other reels. A pyramid and scarab activate 5 Free Spins, with moving wild icons during this feature.

  • Golden Queen is a 5-reel video slot with 40 paylines and a 4-row layout.

  • Bet line wins are awarded when three or more symbols appear consecutively from the leftmost reel to the right, following the paytable.

  • Winnings = Pay x (Bet / 40).

  • Scatter symbols can only be found on the first reel from the left.

  • If any malfunction occurs during a game, resulting in an unclear outcome, that specific round is deemed invalid.

Golden Queen Slot Machine Game Features

Best-JILI-Slot Game-Golden-Queen-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 01


Best-JILI-Slot Game-Golden-Queen-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 02
  • When the regular Scarab symbol appears, it transforms into the Scarab Wild.

  • Wild symbols are limited to the third round of the main game and can be found in the second to fourth rounds during free games.

  • When a Wild symbol appears, 1 to 4 scarabs will fly out randomly and transform the symbol into a WILD card.

  • When the scarab transforms into a WILD card, it gains a multiplying factor.

  • When a scarab lands on WILDs with a multiplying factor, the factor accumulates.

  • The multiplying factors on a winning line will multiply together.


All four types of Wild have the same effect.

Best-JILI-Slot Game-Golden-Queen-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 03

  • ​Normal Wild - Multiplying factor of normal WILD card.

Best-JILI-Slot Game-Golden-Queen-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 04

  • Wild from Scarabs

Best-JILI-Slot Game-Golden-Queen-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 05

  • Multiplying factor of WILD card with Scarab

Golden Queen Slot Machine Game FREE Game

Best-JILI-Slot Game-Golden-Queen-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 06
  • The Bonus icon only appears in the first, third, and fifth rounds of the main game.

  • The Bonus icon appears in the first, third, and fifth rounds, granting access to 8 rounds of free games.

Golden Queen Slot Machine Game Payouts



5 x 400

4 x 120 FREE GAME with 5 spins substitute for all

3 x 32 symbols except for Scatter and Scarab.


5 x 400

4 x 120 Left image as a regular single symbol but have

3 x 32 chance to triggered full symbol on the reel.


5 x 320

4 x 100

3 x 24


5 x 240

4 x 80

3 x 20


5 x 200

4 x 60

3 x 16


5 x 80

4 x 40

3 x 12


5 x 80

4 x 40

3 x 12


5 x 40

4 x 20

3 x 8


5 x 40

4 x 20

3 x 8

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