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Best Jili Slot Game- Diamond Party

Jili Diamond Party Slot Machine Game

Best-Jili-Slot Game- Diamond Party- Jili178-Free Spin Casino-01

Best Jili Slot Game - Diamond Party is an exciting online slot game developed by JILI Gaming, offering players the chance to win big rewards. The game features a unique fruit-themed style with a captivating purple background, providing an immersive gaming experience. Players have the opportunity to win a MAX BONUS multiplier of up to 1200X, adding to the game's excitement and potential for big payouts.

Diamond Party is a 5-reel video slot game with amazing graphics and exciting bonuses. The game features a variety of fruits that can result in huge payouts if luck is on your side. The high-definition graphics create an immersive gaming experience that is sure to keep you engaged. The game offers generous bonus features and free spins, providing a great opportunity to get rich. Spin the reels and experience the excitement of gambling with Diamond Party.

Diamond Party Slot Game Pay Line


The pay line of Diamond Party showed as below:

Best-Jili-Slot Game- Diamond Party- Jili178-Pay Line

Where to Play Slot Game


Jili178 offers a free bonus without requiring a deposit for slot game enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Best-JIli-Slot-Diamond Party -Jili178-Free-Spin-Casino02

How to play Diamond Party Slot Machine Game

  • The payline is 3 lines.

  • Winning bet lines are paid only if the symbols are in consecutive order, starting from the leftmost reel to the right. Only the highest win per active bet line is paid out.

  • Winnings = Pay x (Bet / 3).

  • If any malfunction occurs during the game that leads to an undetermined game outcome, the game round will be considered invalid.

Diamond Party Slot Machine Diamond Reward

  • Matching three Diamond symbols will result in a win with a multiplier of 30 times the bet.

  • Matching four Diamond symbols will result in a win with a multiplier of 100 times the bet.

  • Matching five Diamond symbols will result in a win with a multiplier of 500 times the bet.

Diamond Party Slot Machine Lock Respin

Diamond Party Slot Machine Paytable


Number 7 symbol : This symbol offers the highest payouts in the game for winning bets.

BAR symbol : It is the second-highest symbol in terms of payout within the game.

Bell symbol : It is the third -highest symbol in terms of payout within the game.

Watermelon symbol: It is the fourth -highest symbol in terms of payout within the game.

Orange symbol: It is the fifth-highest symbol in terms of payout within the game.

Grape symbol: It is the sixth-highest symbol in terms of payout within the game.

Cherry symbol: It is the seventh-highest symbol in terms of payout within the game.

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Diamond Party- Jili178-Payout01

5 X 300

4 X 90

3 X 30

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Diamond Party- Jili178-Payout02

5 X 240 4 X 72 3 X 24

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Diamond Party- Jili178-Payout03

5 X 180 4 X 54 3 X 18

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Diamond Party- Jili178-Payout04

5 X 120 4 X 36 3 X 12

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Diamond Party- Jili178-Payout05

5 X 90

4 X 27

3 X 9

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Diamond Party- Jili178-Payout06

5 X 60

4 X 18

3 X 6

Best-Jili-Slot Game-Diamond Party- Jili178-Payout07

5 X 30

4 X 9

3 X 3

Play Best Jili Slot Games on Jili 178


Jili178 offers a wide range of online slot machine games and online casino games with high RTP (Return to Player) rates. With the convenience of Gcash, you can easily play and win real money. Sign up now and receive a no deposit bonus!

Best-Jili-Slot-Diamond Party-Jili178-Free-Spin

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