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Best JILI Slot Game - Crazy 777

Crazy 777 Slot Machine


Crazy 777 is a unique online slot game by Jili Games, inspired by classic slots. It’s the best JILI slot game that features 3 reels and 1 payline, with vibrant visuals like large colorful icons, white reels, a paytable above the matrix, and an abstract background with orange squares. If you enjoy straightforward online games, Crazy 777 deserves your attention. The game offers easily obtainable rewards, determined by the stopping reels, including free spins and double rewards.

Among the basic symbols featured, you can identify a solitary blue bar, a red seven, two red sevens, three red sevens, and dual bars. To form a winning combination, you require either three identical icons or a particular symbol arrangement.

Crazy 777 Slot Machine Pay Line


Where to play Best JILI Slot Game


JILI178 offers a free bonus without requiring a deposit for slot game admirer in the Philippines.


How to play Crazy 777 Slot Machine


If you have a preference for simple online games, it would be worthwhile to give this game some extra attention. It is a 3X3-reel slot machine developed by JILI, offering an intriguing and straightforward gameplay experience. The game rewards are easily attainable.

  • As per the combination settings, a prize is only awarded when three identical symbols appear in a consecutive left-to-right manner.

  • Winnings = pay x bet /3.

  • When the "special reel combination" occurs, the payout for this round receives an additional bonus depending on the corresponding symbol.

  • If any malfunction occurs, resulting in an unclear outcome of a game, that particular round is deemed invalid.

Crazy 777 offers various basic symbols that need to be connected in a straight line to unlock the game's odds. Additionally, the game includes a special reel where unique symbols determine the benefits you can receive, such as free spins or double rewards. Anticipate an exciting experience with this game.

Crazy 777 Slot Machine Bonus Game


Special Reel

The special reel is positioned on the rightmost side, and when the reels to its left form a winning combination, you receive additional bonuses based on the symbol displayed on the special reel.

10X, 5X, 2X

Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Crazy-777-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 01
  • The payout for this round is multiplied by the corresponding multiplier.

  • This symbol provides a 10x multiplier. Within the game, there are also 2x, 5x, and 10x multipliers available. The winnings depend on the winning line formed.

  • Whenever a player achieves a win and obtains a distinct multiplier, the total bonus is multiplied by the corresponding return rate.

$$+, $+

Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Crazy-777-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 02
  • The inclusion of the SS+ symbol further enhances the players' chances of easily winning special bonus prizes from their bets.

  • Earn additional payout based on the amount of the player's bet.

  • The special SS+ symbols will triple the winnings, resulting in a three-fold multiplier.


Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Crazy-777-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 03
  • Obtain a random number of respins, ranging from 1 to 5, upon achieving a winning combination.

  • Each time a player wins from a different line, there is an opportunity to obtain a substantial payout, yet this outcome relies on the random spin of the respin symbols.

Special Symbol

  • Crazy 777 features special symbols that provide generous payout rates. However, the symbol that offers the highest payout rate is the combination of three 777 numbers.

  • Among all the symbols in the game, the valuable three 777 symbol is the most challenging to obtain. The prize amount is determined by multiplying the player's chosen bet for each round by their equity. To win, players must successfully collect all three items.

Crazy 777 Slot Machine Payouts


3 x 1000


3 x 200


3 x 100


3 x 40


3 x 20



3 x 40



3 x 10


3 x 5


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