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Best JILI Slot Game - Bubble Beauty

Bubble Beauty Slot Machine


Discover the tranquil allure of exploring underwater realms through Bubble Beauty, a game available in the best JILI slot games. Dive into an aquatic world adorned with bubbles, a picturesque seabed setting, and a vibrant display of marine creatures. Crafted by Jili Games, this online slot showcases three reels and five paylines, along with an alluring free spins bonus round that presents additional chances to win remarkable prizes.

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Best-Jili-Slot Game-JILI178


How to Play Bubble Beauty Slot Machine Game

  1. Bubble Beauty adopts a video slot layout with 5 reels, 4 rows, and a collective 50 paylines.

  2. Achieving a win necessitates consecutive alignment of bet line combinations from the far-left reel to the right, adhering to the guidelines outlined in the paytable.

  3. Precedence is granted to the highest winnings on each line, being the sole rewards granted.

  4. Your winnings are determined by multiplying the pay by your bet and then dividing the result by 50.

  5. If a malfunction occurs, resulting in an uncertain game outcome, the round will be nullified.

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Bubble Beauty Main Game

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  1. During every round, heart-shaped bubbles can randomly surface from the board's bottom.

  2. Collect extra points by popping the bubble linked to a symbol showcased on a winning payline.

  3. Regardless of the number of combinations it contributes to, each bubble can only generate points once.

  4. Bubbles carrying points will disappear from the board.

  5. Any unpopped bubbles will rise by one position after each round until they either leave the board or gather points.

  6. If there's a disconnection, the status of the bubble may not be maintained.

Bubble Beauty Free Game

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  1. Activate the Free Game feature by landing 3 or more hearts in the Main Game, granting you 10 free spins.

  2. Hearts will lock in place and transform into WILD hearts throughout the Free Game.

  3. These locked hearts will stay firmly positioned on the board until they contribute to a winning combination.

  4. Upon the formation of a winning combination with the symbol beneath a bubble, you'll receive the points indicated by that bubble.

  5. Each bubble's points can only be claimed once per round, no matter how many combinations it participates in.

  6. Throughout the Free Game, scored bubbles won't disappear but will move up by one position after each round until they leave the board.

  7. Bubbles present during the Main Game won't carry over into the Free Game; they'll reappear on the board once the Free Game ends.

  8. Similarly, bubbles in the Free Game won't revert to the Main Game once the Free Game concludes.


Bubble Beauty Slot Machine Game Paytable



Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-05

5 X 350

4 X 140

3 X 50

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-06

5 X 250

4 X 90

3 X 40

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-07

5 X 180

4 X 60

3 X 30

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-08

5 X 135

4 X 40

3 X 20

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-09

5 X 90

4 X 30

3 X 10

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-10

5 X 50

4 X 20

3 X 5

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-11

5 X 50

4 X 20

3 X 5

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-12

5 X 25

4 X 10

3 X 5

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-13

5 X 25

4 X 10

3 X 5

Best-JILI-Slot-Game- Bubble Beauty Paytable-JILI178-14

5 X 25

4 X 10

3 X 5


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Best-Jili-Slot-Game JILI178

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