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Best JILI Slot Game - Boxing King

Boxing King Slot Machine Game


The Boxing King slot game, one of the best JILI slot games, gained immense popularity in 2021. It offers two types of free games, awarded through both Free spins and Scatters. During the scatter phase, players can attain combos or multipliers of up to 5 rounds, increasing the chances of winning significant prizes within the game.

In the King of Boxing slots, a bell-shaped Free spins symbol acts as a substitute for other symbols (excluding the Scatter symbol). It enables entry into the free game mode, providing an opportunity to win substantial prizes, including Mega Win, Super Win, and Super Mega Win.

Boxing King Slot Machine Game Pay Line


Where to play Best JILI Slot Game


JILI178 offers a free bonus without requiring a deposit for slot game admirer in the Philippines.


How to play Boxing King Slot Machine Game

  • To secure a win, the player must align any symbol in a row three consecutive times, starting from the first reel and progressing left to right.

  • Points earned = Multiplier x Player Bet.

  • The total number of paylines is 88.

  • Only the payline with the highest score receives a payout.

  • Any errors resulting in an undecided outcome render the game invalid.

Boxing King Slot Machine Game Bonus

Combo Multiplier

Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Boxing-King-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 01

The combo multiplier is shown as x2, x3, x5, x6, and x8. The points won in each clear will be multiplied according to the current combo multiplier.

  • The second clear in each spin initiates with a multiplier of x2.

  • The multiplier is raised to x3 for the third clear in each spin.

  • The multiplier is raised to x5 for the fourth clear in each spin.

  • The multiplier is raised to x6 for the fifth clear in each spin.

  • The multiplier is raised to the final x8 for the sixth or after clear in each spin.

If the player fails to score points, the combo multiplier resets to x2 and initiates the next spin.

Free Spin

Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Boxing-King-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 02
  • In a free game, if a FREE SPIN is acquired during the current spin, it won't be removed and will persist until no more removals are possible. Afterwards, the player earns additional free games depending on the symbol count, which resets for the next spin.

  • There is just one FREE SPIN given each reel, for a total of five.

  • The amount of free games won is equal to the number of free spin symbols obtained.


Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Boxing-King-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 03
  • The Wild symbol replaces all symbols except Scatter and Free Spin.

  • In a regular game, the Wild symbol appears on the 3rd and 4th reels.

  • In a free game, the Wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.


Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Boxing-King-JILI178-Symbol Bonus- 04
  • If 3 or more Scatters appear, the player enters a free game.

  • Points earned = Player bet x 2.

  • During free games, Scatters do not appear.

  • Scatter x 3 = 8 rounds.

  • Scatter x 4 = 12 rounds.

  • Scatter x 5 = 20 rounds.

Boxing King Slot Machine Game Payouts


5 X 5

4 X 2

3 X 0.5


5 X 4

4 X 1.6

3 X 0.4


5 X 3

4 X 1.2

3 X 0.3


5 X 2.5

4 X 1

3 X 0.25


5 X 2

4 X 0.8

3 X 0.2


5 X 1.5

4 X 0.6

3 X 0.15


5 X 1

4 X 0.4

3 X 0.1


5 X 1

4 X 0.4

3 X 0.1


5 X 0.5

4 X 0.2

3 X 0.05


5 X 0.5

4 X 0.2

3 X 0.05


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