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Best JILI Slot Game -Boom Legend

Boom Legend Slot Machine


In the thrilling world of the best JILI slot games, securing the prize money involves conquering the formidable BONUS monsters detailed in the table provided. Your chances of accessing the upper echelons of bonuses are directly proportional to the magnitude of your bet. Elevating your wager significantly heightens the probability of ascending to the upper tiers of bonus rewards. The pinnacle of achievement in this pursuit is the grand sum of 88,888, marking the zenith of attainable bonuses.

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Best-Jili-Slot Game-JILI178


Boom Legend Fishing Game Interface

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Boom Legend Fishing Game Features Special Monsters

Upon triumphing over the Goblin Bomber, it will unleash a bomb that, upon detonation, possesses the potential to forcibly propel monsters situated within its blast radius backward.

Best-JILI-Boom Legend-JILI178-03

After overcoming Medusa, her petrifying gaze, known as Medusa's Eye, emerges, capable of both petrifying and causing harm to monsters within its designated area.

Best-JILI-Boom Legend-JILI178-04

To defeat the Dread Knight, employ the Blade Aura within the damage zone as an effective means to eliminate this formidable Black Knight.

Best-JILI-Boom Legend-JILI178-05

Special Weapons

Upon activation, the Rocket Punch propels your fist upward from your current position, penetrating and forcibly pushing back all monsters in its trajectory.

Best-JILI-Boom Legend-JILI178-06

Unlock the Mystery Chest to obtain either the Rocket Punch or Mines as potential rewards.

Best-JILI-Boom Legend-JILI178-07

The Mines can be strategically positioned anywhere across the map and, upon detonation, inflict damage over a broad area, affecting monsters within its radius.

Best-JILI-Boom Legend-JILI178-08

Axe: Utilizing the Axe involves a deduction of 5X the bet value to unleash a more potent attack on the targeted monster.

Hammer: Implementing the Hammer deducts 15X of your bet value to launch a strike at the targeted monster. Moreover, the Hammer randomly hits other nearby monsters with lightning on the battlefield.

Lightning Spear:

  • Adjust your energy levels by aiming at monsters with your shots. As the energy bar reaches its limit, you can unleash the might of the Lightning Spear, dealing significant electrical damage across the central area of the screen.

  • The accumulation of energy directly correlates with your betting size in the game. Activating the Lightning Spear depletes the energy from the bar.

  • If you exit the game or encounter a disconnection lasting more than 3 minutes, the energy bar will reset.

  • Additionally, the Lightning Spear will automatically discharge if the energy bar remains fully charged for more than 3 minutes.


After being defeated, monsters possess the ability to revive as Dreadfreaks. Dispose of these Dreadfreaks for a chance to gain augmented rewards, offering a maximum odds multiplier of 2X.

Bonus Cyclops

Commence your assaults to secure standard betting odds. Upon triumphing over the Cyclops, you'll receive a remarkable 5X multiplier on the standard odds. Furthermore, defeating the Cyclops might yield a treasure map. Accumulate a total of 10 treasure maps to access and unlock a Golden Treasure Chest.

Golden Demons

Overcome a Golden Demon for a chance to obtain a Treasure Chest. Silver Treasure Chests provide an additional 2X multiplier on your odds, whereas Gold Treasure Chests present an impressive 6X boost to your odds.

Bonus Demon

Vanquish the Crocodile to claim the prize money showcased in the table. Amplifying your bet size significantly heightens the probability of securing a bonus within the higher tiers.

Giant Octopus

  • Successive shots targeting Octopus Heads & Arms will accumulate Rage Points. As the Rage Bar fills up, it triggers a prize draw.

  • Engaging a Furious Octopus will result in superior prize draws, with a maximum multiplier reaching 800X.


Boom Legend Fishing Game Payout

Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-09


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-10


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-11


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-12


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-13


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-14


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-15


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-16


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-17


Best-JILI-Boom Legend Payout-JILI178-18



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