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Best FC Slot Game - War of the Universe

War of the Universe Slot Machine


Embark on an exhilarating intergalactic battle with the War of The Universe Slot Game. Join the cosmic adventure and encounter thrilling WILD bonuses and free games on the Lucky reel. Experience the best FC slot game with the excitement of free games with up to 25x multipliers! Discover how to play this lucrative slot game by reading this article, and aim for a big win on the JILI178.

War of the Universe Slot Machine Payline


Where to play Best FC Slot Game


How to play War of the Universe Slot Machine


The Fa Chai Planet government has assembled a cosmic team led by Captain James, accompanied by Michael Long and Wall-E, to venture into uncharted galaxies at the edge of the universe. In the War of The Universe slot game, you'll encounter a captivating backdrop adorned with cosmic elements. The symbols in the game range from spaceships and aliens to robots, laser guns, radars, and planets. Engage in this epic Star Wars-like experience and unlock surprising rewards. Celebrate your victories alongside the cheerful robot displayed atop the War of The Universe slot game screen, and let the joy be shared!

War of the Universe Slot Machine Free Spin


Upon activating the lucky reel, you'll be awarded with random WILD bonuses and free games in the War of The Universe Slot Game. The free games offered significantly enhance your winning prospects, and triggering free spins is remarkably effortless with this slot machine. Attaining substantial rewards during free games is more achievable than you may anticipate.

War of the Universe Slot Machine Payout



  • The "WILD" symbol on the wheel can substitute for all symbols except the "SCATTER" symbol.

  • The "WILD" symbol's odds:

5 x 200

4 x 50

3 x 20


  • If 3 "SCATTER" symbols land on the wheel, your winnings will be multiplied by 5.

  • If 4 "SCATTER" symbols appear, your winnings will be multiplied by 10 and you'll activate a bonus game.

  • If 5 "SCATTER" symbols show up, your winnings will be multiplied by 20 and you'll trigger a bonus game.

  • Payouts can occur wherever the "SCATTER" symbol appears.


5 x 80

4 x 20

3 x 10


5 x 60

4 x 16

3 x 8


5 x 40

4 x 12

3 x 6


5 x 40

4 x 12

3 x 6


5 x 30

4 x 8

3 x 4


5 x 30

4 x 8

3 x 4


5 x 20

4 x 4

3 x 2


5 x 20

4 x 4

3 x 2

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