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"2022 NBA Championship G2" what did Kerr do to make the Warriors win the first.

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The second game of the NBA Championship continued at the Warriors' home Chase Center.

Under the leadership of Curry, the Warriors, who were 0-1 behind,

played a single quarter of 35-14 in the third quarter to open the score,

and the final score was 107- 88 took the victory and tied the battle to a 1-1 tie.

Open for victory

At the start of G2 of the championship game,

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown of the Green Shirts showed their excellent offensive talents.

The Warriors made 6 of 8 shots from the outside. On the other hand,

the Warriors did not seem to get into the situation at the beginning.

Stephen Curry did not have the heroic performance in the first quarter of the first game at all,

and others could not find the touch for a long time.

Fortunately, in the second half of the first quarter,

the Warriors strengthened their defense and gradually caught up with the score.

The two sides continued to see each other. After halftime 52-50, the Warriors took a 2-point lead.

After the easy basket battle, the hand felt cold in the first half.

Klay Thompson, who made 1 of 10 shots,

finally regained his focus and rained three points together with Corey and Jordan Poole,

showing a powerful wave. In a single quarter, the offensive was 35-14,

and the point difference was instantly widened to 23 points, completely fooling the green shirt army.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Warriors pulled out a 6-0 spurt,

and there was no suspense here. Both sides also replaced the main players, and the game was set.

Today, Kerui only played three quarters, handed in 29 points,

6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 interceptions, and consistently strong containment.

Bol was different from the slump in the first game.

In just 22 minutes of the game, he scored 17 points (5 from 9 three-pointers);

Kevon Looney also had 12 points, 7 rebounds and 3 interceptions,

and consolidated the Warriors restricted area.

And Draymond Green, who played useless in the last battle,

finally came back to his soul, and he is omnipresent on both ends of the offensive and defensive ends; coupled with Gary Payton II, who has returned from injury,

he is not only very hard on the defensive end, but also on the offensive end. 100% hit rate.

Not to mention, of course, the most consistent playoffs throughout the playoffs,

Andrew Wiggins and Otto Porter Jr., are as low-key and practical as ever.

The Warriors team has basically entered the state except for K Tang who has not yet found a touch.

Key to winning

However, the Warriors can achieve a big victory today,

the most important thing is the change on the defensive end.

As in the Western Conference Championship,

Kerr handed the Mavericks' first brother Luka Doncic to Wiggins' main defense,

and then sent Green to guard the Mavericks' second-in-command Jalen Brunson,

which achieved excellent results.

In this game, Kerr also did not stick to his position on the court,

and handed over the Celtic's most threatening dual guns, Taitom and Brown,

to Wiggins and Green. Put on Little Payton, and his defensive energy remains undiminished.

Green and Wiggins both have All-Defensive team-level defensive strength,

and Peton Jr., like Green, are aggressive defensive fighters.

Even if they can't completely suppress the double-J score,

as long as they can force out their mistakes Or force them to start brainstorming and go it alone, and the Warriors' chances of winning are greatly improved.

After the first game, the Warriors quickly adapted to the defensive intensity of the Eastern Division, and immediately adjusted their own defensive strength. As long as Taitom,

Brown, and Marcus Smart held the ball, the Warriors players immediately put a high degree of pressure ( After all, the dribbling ability of the double J is not very good),

forcing the Celtics to make as many as 18 turnovers (the Warriors have 15 interceptions),

and the double guns have repeatedly fallen into the situation of being too single-handed.

Although Taitom scored a team-high 28 points today, he also made 4 turnovers on 8 of 19 shots. The plus-minus score on the field was the worst -36 points in history.

In the end, Brown only scored 17 points. Al Horford and Smart were completely out of the situation, scoring only 2 points each, plus R. Williams (Robert Williams III) in the third quarter.

Retired from injury, the inside defense of the Green Shirts made things worse, and finally swallowed a 19-point fiasco.

Speaking of today's victory, Corey said: "Although Taitom and Brown had a good start,

we continued to press and let them find good shots. Offensively, we played more organized,

and I said we had to Playing with desperation, that's what we did today."

"We are going to win the championship through this series, I am very happy,

and I hope the momentum today can continue to the third game." Corey continued.

The third battle will take place in Boston on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. Philippine time.

Can Curry continue to use super crazy firepower to lead the Warriors to a road win?

Can the miracle of "G6 soup" break out earlier in the two downturns of K soup?

Can Coach Ime Udoka crack Kerr's defensive strategy?

Is there a way for the Celtics to continue the myth of no losing streak in the playoffs this season?

Let's keep reading...

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